Monday, April 30, 2018

Yogic Art

Created by Freepik

I came across my flatmate and he was contorting
A jumbled mix of feet and arms all over the place
I whipped out my mobile and started recording
Following the modern reaction of the human race

It turns out that he was otherwise perfectly fine
Just a tiny misjudgement of the correct position
Though it did look like it was caused by wine
Nothing broken, everything was in good condition

He told it was all because of his wanderlust
He had spent the past year in an ashram
Mastering his body, learning to lunge and thrust
Controlling his breathing with Pranayam

Now he said I can do standing back bends
Stand perfectly still and do a one legged pose
I know enough asanas to teach my friends
I meditate to find respite from the world’s woes

When you found me sprawling on the ground
It was not any faulty technique on my part
It did look suspicious the way I was found
But I fell while posting to social media my yogic art


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  1. Yogic art needs a lot of mindfulness & balance.
    India's gift to the world is now all over the world!

    1. Just remember to avoid posting selfies while doing asanas. Thanks for reading and commenting Anita.