Sunday, April 01, 2018

Apotheosis of Love

They tell me that unrequited love
Offers nothing but suffering
A lifetime of regret
In a life less noble
So let your words speak

I have trawled dictionaries
Seeking words
That would express
My feelings and desires
In epistles I would pen to you.

My feelings lie unexpressed
In each bumbling meeting
Where I tongue tied and stammering
Have blushed in various shades
And walked away with words unsaid

Acme, adulation, ardour, awe
Words roll off my tongue
How do I express
What I feel for you
The apotheosis of my love

I am diving in late into the A to Z challenge without even a theme reveal.  So I am going to challenge myself this time as use poetry as a theme.  I am also travelling and in holiday mode and hope to be able to contribute a post each day.

I'd love read what you think about this post...


  1. Fabulous array of words. Visiting from the A to Z Challenge.

  2. Good luck with the late decision!

    1. Thanks Iain, It's going to be an interesting alphabet trail :-)