Monday, April 30, 2018


Just the other day I was walking down the street
A car driving past stops and the driver I see
Poking his face out and without missing a beat
Yells out go back to your own country to me

Thank you, I call out, but I am really here to stay
I know that you really prefer me to be unseen
And hurry back to that place where I grew as you say
I can assure you that to back I am not very keen

My parents came to this land years ago
Fleeing their past and determined to succeed
Tell me of their struggle what do you know
To fulfil our desires with hard work did they bleed

Their hands they never did spread out for alms
Work hard they said and your story will change
No job is too small of hard work have no qualms
I remain true this lesson and will never it exchange

Though continuing the conversation I say
Some aspect of what you say does appeal
I would really like to go back for a holiday

You seem to know the way homesick hearts feel


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  1. Really sad the way some people behave.
    The matter is really grave.
    If we all accept one another,
    Our world will be much better...

    1. And finally a poetic comment, how wonderful. Thank you Anita.