Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Bargain

You wake up, go to the bathroom and look at the mirror. You run away screaming in fear from the ugly scarred face and tangled black hair.  While running you are still haunted by what you have just seen.  The bloodshot eyes that gazed upon you with a malevolent look that shook you to your core.  There was blood splattered all over the clothes and droplets of blood were oozing out of every available orifice and pore.  The garments that seem to be on fire with a flickering flame that hisses and burns with a sulphuric smell that permeates the room.  Yet strangely you do not feel the heat, how is this possible?

Slow down, stop running says a part of you, as the feet keep moving of their own accord.  And then you hear it, the weeping sound and gnashing of teeth.  You smell the smoke of a great furnace as it starts to get progressively hot.  Hotter than you ever experienced in your life, actually it does feel like being in a furnace now.  You think that you should have started roasting by now in this giant barbeque as your legs finally start slowing down.  You walk slowly now, absorbing the sounds and the smells in this place.

If there is a hell it must be like this you think.  Then you stop and remember.  That deal you did with the Devil twenty years back.  Yesterday was the time when you had to repay your part of the bargain.

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