Wednesday, April 25, 2018


The code of vengeance has always existed
Since the days of yore it has been twisted
An eye for an eye is what they ask and desire
That has often pushed us to a quagmire.

He says he won’t take her betrayal lying down
Confused and hurting he calls me from midtown
Flattered I wonder does he seek out my sagacity
I remember then I have experienced the same unreality.

I never really wanted to be that guy
Whose suffering people find to identify
An example to his suffering fellowmen
Living his pain through others again.

I know you want to inflict the same strife
Rip through her world with a surgical knife
It is true that two wrongs don’t make a right
Who dares not stir by day must walk by night. 

You rave and rant about the injustice of life
And seek to avenge it with clandestine crime
Seeking others and finding lust to scavenge

Just remember that living well is the best revenge


All the best laid plans can go awry and thus I find myself with a big gap between the posts.  Finally it is 'R' for 'Revenge.  Which leaves me to write multiple posts in a day.
By the way I snuck in a random line by the Bard in the poem ;-)

-Who dares not stir by day must walk by night. 

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