Thursday, July 26, 2018


There is that moment in time the sunlight fades and dusk approaches.  It’s when the colors dance on the horizon before darkness falls creating magical moments in twilight.

 As the oldest resident of the island she had watched countless sunsets long before tourism had transformed her sleepy fishing community into a busy hotspot forcing long term residents to leave.  

But not her, she would stay till the end with her two sons by her side.

From his house at the top of the hill, the old man mumbled, “Now where is she walking off all alone at this hour?”


So glad to be back for another episode of the Friday Fictioneers but sometime life gets in the way and for no reason you find that you are taking a black dog out for a walk,  I guess writing is a good excuse to put that beast back in chains.  I did convert my A to Z poetry challenge into an e-book that can be found here A to Z Poems.  It is free for Kindle Unlimited users, the poems are accessible from this blog anyway (, I just wanted an ebook format and chose the one I knew (note to self smashword allows users to put out free ebooks).
That is enough rambling for one entry, I hope you readers will read and comment.

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