Friday, April 13, 2018

Hazardous Life

They tell me safety has gone mad these days
Companies banning candles and knives on birthday cakes
Stopping graduating students from throwing caps in air
All this in the name of health and safety’s sake.

This life we lead is now so hazardous
Here are a few tips that I must give
Do not iron garment while wearing
Remove child before folding stroller.

Seems sanity has forsaken us
Music may be the food of life
But do not eat an iPod shuffle
Never hold the wrong end of a chainsaw.

Coat hangers are not food so don’t swallow
Since common sense has flown the coop
These hazards now loom everywhere

Just never put toothpaste on a toilet brush.


Continuing with the A to Z challenge. 

Today it is 'H' for 'Hazardous Life'

I'd love read what you think about this post...


  1. Anonymous5:32 am

    LOved the "Just never put toothpaste on a toilet brush" at the end.Things have gone a bit crazy, but I've also become concerned about my daughter's safety now she's in high school. I guess I'm more protective now than when she was smaller. That said, driving her everywhere comes at a cost.
    Best wishes,

    1. We are drivers for our kids till they learn to drive and then we just sit and stress. But commonsense seems to have gone out of the window with some of these labels. Thank you for reading and commenting Rowena, I am glad you liked the line I threw in at the end :-)