Thursday, April 19, 2018


Long before his hair had turned white

My uncle slowly began to lose his sight

Bumping into things caused him strife

But he had been clumsy throughout his life

Driving he sideswiped a car on the street

And walking always tripped up on his feet

He walked past friends he wouldn’t recognise

His relationships were stultified

Frustrated he went seeking more advice

The doctor looked at the back of his eyes

His silence made my uncle ask if it was all right

He replied, there is no way you will regain your sight

My uncle summoned a family council and said

Before I lose my sight I need images in my head

For this I need to go on a road trip of a lifetime

To be done before my eyes are not worth a dime

He made an ocular bucket list of things to do

To see everything possible and places to go

There would be no tears he said I am a man of my word

I use humour as a reaction to a world I find absurd

He lunched in a colourful China Town by the sea

In the peaceful Japanese gardens he sipped tea

His mind storing a visual smorgasbord of the goods

As he meandered in the serenity of regal Redwoods

I appreciate this world more he said

And delight now in it’s smells and sound

The lovely smell of rain on the ground I adore

I revel when the earth gives up its petrichor

On to  'P' for 'Petrichor'

My challenge for April is to write poetry. 

My A to Z entries can be navigated to from this page - A2Z, I will be very pleased if you to take some time out to read and comments on the poems.

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