Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gnome Shanti

News Item: UK Box Office Report: Gnomeo and Juliet Heads a Record-Breaking Week

Buoyed by the success of the animated movie Gnomeo and Juliet, which is based on the idea of retelling Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" with red and blue British garden gnomes as the feuding families, reports are now emerging of rival filmmakers planning spin-offs to cash in on the idea.

Fans of Aussie soaps will be glad to learn that TV studios are excited by idea of a daytime soap ‘Gnome and Away’ set in the Summer Bay Gnome Park.

The producers of Simpsons have announced plans to have a Gnome version featuring Gnomer Simpson.

For the followers of Westerns the news is that the talks for production of Gnome Ranger TV serials and movies are on right now. These might feature the song ‘Gnome on the Range’.

The Discovery Channel will be showing a special program on Ancient Gnome.

For music lovers the news is that David Cassidy has announced plans to release his new album ‘Gnome is Where the Heart Is’ to cash in on the current trend.

After all this can Bollywood be left far behind? Sharukh Khan has been approached to act as the voice of Gnome Makhija on the animated movie ‘Gnome Shanti Gnome’.

In financial markets with Gnomes being such a hot property, all major banks are fighting for a piece of the Gnome Loan market.

Gnomes are in right now, Gnome what I am saying?