Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Oh Dog!

"You do know that you were sent here to serve me" said Nawab.
"What's that?", replied I wondering where this conversation was leading upto.
"I meant that your sole reason for existing is to serve me".
"Ha! Fat chance, now do you want the chicken or beef for dinner?" said I rummaging through the tins of dog food.
"I kind of bored eating that brand, did you get that organic steak I had asked for?"
"Well I was sort of hoping to serve it on the weekend. Don't give me that look. OK! OK! Just give me ten minutes, I'll get it ready for you".
"Good boy! Now you get that dinner ready, I need to chat with the poet".
"Chat? Are you racking up the mobile bill with your SMS chats again?"
"No! I am using the internet these days".
"So still using the 'Snoop Doggy Dog' nom-de-plume while chatting with the poet. Heh! Heh! Got any more ditties to share? Ha ha".
"Obviously you havn't evolved sufficiently to have an appreciation of poetry and other fine arts. Hopefully your cooking skills will improve too. Just remember not to overcook the steak like the last time. And while you are at it make some Ratatouille as a side dish, I need to increase my veggie intake".
"Sometimes I think all I ever do is cook for you".
"Well I did say your purpose in life is to look after me".
"Hah! Thats what you think, by the way I got that Lassie DVD collection that you had asked for".
"Good! Does it have all the special features?"
"I think so. Does it matter. Alright I'll check".
"Good boy, just keeping adding to your good karma. I am keeping a count for you".
"Yeah sure and you have a direct line to God I'll bet".
"As long as you draw the blinds at night".
"Whats my drawing of blinds got to do with it? Oh! That reminds me 'Do you know how to make a Venetian blind', get it 'Venetian Blinds'?".
"I do, I do. That was just a bait and you took it. But remember when your karma is counted and totalled we won't hold your jokes against you".
"Ok Dog Bhagwan jee anything else we can do improve?"
"Scarcasm will get you nowhere. Now tell me, kids listening to you these days?"
"Yeah! You noticed that too - no whining and crying - just as if God's been listening to my prayers".
"Well being the ultimate and most powerful one has its benefits at times".
"So you think I should pray harder for that Ferrari too?"
"Just get the dinner served on time".
"Here I am talking of God ji and Dog ji wants to be fed. Its ready now, here you go dinner is served".
"As I had said before, you do know that you were sent here to serve me".