Friday, April 20, 2018


I stood outside a popular restaurant in my hometown
The serpentine queue was half way around the block
So I got talking to this elderly man with greying hair
Wearing an old-fashioned shirt too tight for him.

We talked about music and influential artists of the past
Casually he said that he used to play in a band in school
Our lead singer was this shy boy named Farrokh
You only know his rock star name of Freddie Mercury.

My face must have registered a huge shock and surprise
He held my shoulders and said I assure you this is no joke
I studied in the little hill station of Panchgani as student
In St Peter’s school did Farrokh Bulsara start the Hectics.

In school he was most moved by music and learnt the piano
Before rock he played the masters - Chopin, Mozart and Debussy
And then modern composers and singers, Elvis and Little Richard 
Before long a band was formed, he was the star of our show.

I must admit, the gentleman said, as young boys forming a band
We had only one aim in our mind – to impress the girls
And nothing more, music is a bonus but it was not our life
Only the twelve-year-old Freddie had a greater purpose in life.

The queue was getting shorter and I had questions to ask
Did you have any recording from those days that survive?
Did you play sold out concerts in your little hill town?
Did you ever keep in touch with your friend the Rock God?

He was talented but you’d never think that a Panchgani schoolboy
Would become a megastar, a legend and rule the sound waves
We never had those dreams that drove him to the top
We were satisfied and contented playing at school fetes and things

We did meet him years later when he was famous
Then we grew older and drifted apart
Only the memories remain dear to my heart
Our queue was now over and we reached the end of the line

I shook hands with my new friend and exchanged numbers
We promised to meet and listen to his stories
Sitting down to eat a meal I thought to myself

This was the closest I came to meeting the Queen

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My challenge for April is to write poetry. 

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