Sunday, April 29, 2018


Created by Evening_tao -

I pass this vacant parkland on my way to work
It stands crumbling, abandoned and derelict
The desolation draws me in as I stop and lurk
Memories of happier times reel me like an addict

We walked on its once verdant grass before
Hand in hand making plans for a future bright
Now we don’t talk to each other no more
How did we ever end up losing that light?

In the undulating landscape of our relationship
We travelled from the peak to valley of emotions
It used to be love, happiness and companionship
Our cupboard is now bereft of all romantic notions.

I don't know if this how our story ends
The spotlight on it no more shining
Now is time for us to make amends
Rejuvenate that vacant land and keep trying.


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  1. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Very much enjoyed how the physical emptiness (of the parkland) connects to some people's relationship. :) Cheers!

    1. Thank you for your comments. I am glad you liked it.