Sunday, April 08, 2018

Elvis Sings For Us

I saw Elvis at the local pub
He was on the stage crooning
Those evergreen hits of his.

Not the hips gyrating number
But those sentimental ones
Bringing back memories shared by us.

Even inside the crowded pub
Surrounded by the King’s lookalikes
I was lonesome that night.

While he strutted on the stage
In an eye-catching jumpsuit
Serenading all of us.

I saw Elvis at the local pub
Our hangout in an earlier life
When holding you close, was heaven.

Now I am watching Elvis
I hope you are too
Watching him from above.


Continuing with the A to Z challenge. 

Today it is 'E' for 'Elvis Sings For Us'

I'd love read what you think about this post...


  1. Elvis was a rare genius. The pub would be the ideal place to meet him.

    1. Music surrounded by food and drinks works well. Thanks for reading and commenting Tomichan.