Sunday, July 26, 2015


PHOTO PROMPT © Dee Lovering

Every winter you would find him at the town centre.  Undeterred by the weather he would make the journey by foot.  If the stalls were open he’d have the hot dog with onion relish and hot mustard.  
Then buy an ice cream cone (“Ice Cream If You Dare”) from the same vendors. He would then take a stroll, indulging in banter at the various stalls.

It hadn’t always been like that especially when he reappeared.  Sullen glances followed him.  His banter met with gruff responses and hostility, the town hostile over his early release and the circumstances of her death.


Written for the Friday Fictioneers  Word Count : 100.  

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Travelling for work this week.  This post comes from the chillier climes of Sydney. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ding dong! The bells are gonna chime.

He felt a sharp nudge in his ribs followed by a voice in a brusque tone


Inside his head the heavy metal drummer had stepped up the beat and his head throbbed like a nightclub past the midnight hour.

An eyelid strained to open in response to the angry voices.  

Where was he?  He struggled into a sitting position,  There was someplace he was supposed to be today but where? A celebration happened last night. Someone was getting married today.  

Him! The geometric pattern of the hotel roof came into view and a wave of nausea swept over him.


Written for the Friday Fictioneers  Word Count : 100.  

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Phew! Made it in this week.  Was moving homes last week and was internet free for five days.  Oh the horrors!  But the kids survived.
Also very flattered to find that one of my old FF posts was selected as 
Top 14 Short Stories Blog Post of Last Month (MAY 2015) on the Baggout site.  I'll take it even though the caption is incorrect and I forgot to give them an author bio ("I write" that should be enough).  

Friday, July 03, 2015

Vincent Van Caught

PHOTO PROMPT – © Jean L. Hays

When Vincent was five his parents organised an exhibition of his paintings at home.  Mother really wanted to book the local art gallery but Father baulked at the costs.  Still invitations were sent and a caterer provided hors d’oeuvre and drinks.

Mother said that Art brings about a refining quality.  While Vincent was her womb she read aloud the lives of famous artists and their techniques.   She felt vindicated by the artwork that Vincent produced at the childcare.

At eighteen Vincent was caught spraying profane graffiti ranting against art.  The local newspaper reported the 'artistic vandal'.  Mother was so proud.


Written for the Friday Fictioneers  Word Count : 100.  

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Masquerade

PHOTO PROMPT – © Kent Bonham
As a weekend partygoer he was a true nocturnal animal, sleeping during the day, but showing considerable activity by night.

It wasn’t just him even his whole brood would turn up.  This narrow street with its dim crepuscular lights was their Elysium.  It was a gathering place for the Kindred who maintained a little Masquerade for any mortals around.  What better than fresh garlic braided together and hung over doors?

It made him smile, over the last hundred years the clan had acquired immunity to its repellent properties.  The bulb’s flavourful and aromatic deliciousness had even won the vampires over.


Written for the Friday Fictioneers  Word Count : 100.  

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Update: Changed in in interests of accuracy.  Crepuscular animals are active primarily at twilight (the time not the the vampire series), so this time the context is about the dim twilight type of light.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Lights of Hyde Hall

PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
I know it’s her, my own mother, Ann Low Cary Cooper Clarke and her vindictive agenda.

She made father build this place just to spite the Coopers.  It took seventeen years and he died without enjoying the fruits of his labor.  I’ll be damned if I let her curse on Hyde Hall scare me.

Let the piano keeping caterwauling all night.  She could never play a tune anyway. The cloud of mist on the hallway and her booted footsteps may scare the ground keepers but I still won’t move.  I’ll keep the lights burning all night if I have to.


Written for the Friday Fictioneers  Word Count : 100.  

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I did some forensic examination of my own for this story, the image file name (hyde-hall-light.jpg)  was the start for me.  Found the link to Hyde Hall and it;s fascinating history.   There is a link between Ann Cooper Clarke and the writer James Fenimore Cooper who also wrote this fascinating bit of history The Legends and Traditions of a Northern County

As far as the writing goes I am not sure how this submission goes but then I struggle with doubts over each submission.  But writing this was still enjoyable due to the research I had to do.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Her Last Gift

After the funeral was over and all the relatives had left, I stayed alone in my mother’s house.  Next morning I sat in the empty kitchen and recalled the days gone by in the house.

From the moment we woke up to hot cups of milk to the time when we returned famished from school, it was the hub of all activities and the very soul of our house. 

Sitting at the table my eye fell upon a notebook on the sideboard.  Inside in her unmistakable longhand was a collection of family recipes that she had been writing for us.

Written for the Friday Fictioneers  Word Count : 100.  

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So I thought the lovely warm photograph also deserved a story with a happier ending, thus here is my second offering for the week after this earlier submission 

Baker's Delight

I sit in the warm kitchen filled with the aroma of baking.  She sits opposite me with her curly white hair, a crinkled smile and innocent blue eyes.

I take a bite of the cookie she had proffered me earlier and sigh inwardly with pleasure.  But hard questions still need to be asked.

"This is the third time in five years madam, so my employers need an investigation before any payout."


He sits before me, the hard hearted man, not listening to how I cared for my elderly husbands before their heart attacks.

That cookie should do the trick tonight.


Written for the Friday Fictioneers  Word Count : 100.  

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It is also two for one this week with this second entry

Monday, June 08, 2015

Chains of Love

Every year my family would escape to my Grandfather’s house in a remote village by the sea.  Long before movie stars and wealthy holidaymakers redefined it as a trendy resort, my cousins and I would meet and explore its unspoiled charms. 

We would feast on fresh catch from the sea - fishes, oysters, clams, mussels and shrimps - cooked in delicate gravies or simply fried with spices.    

On the beach were the remains of the old fortress, its crumbling ramparts awaiting our imagination. Tripping over those ruins were the happiest days of our lives.  We remain chained by those memories.

Written for the Friday Fictioneers  Word Count : 100.  
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This must be the last link in the chain for this week's entries.