Friday, August 10, 2018

The Festival

Copyright Ronda del Boccio

She is planting seeds in the pot. She struggles yet insists on doing it.  This time she has a young helper whose enthusiasm makes up for his lack of gardening skills. 

The helper brims with questions and she answers them more patiently than I would.

She tells him about the seven types of grains that are sown in a pot ten days prior to the festival.

“A harvest festival? But we are not farmers Grandma”.

“Maybe not child but it reminds us that we are nothing without nature’s bounty”

I join them to sow the seeds that bound us together.


Welcome to a green Friday Fictioneers.  When I saw the photograph I was reminded of Harela, a harvest festival from the beautiful region of Kumaon where I come from.  The festival may have it's origin in agricultural communities but it is celebrated in the urban areas too.  An eco-friendly festival long before the word was coined.

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Saturday, August 04, 2018

Kindling My Creations

So I decided to use some of my blog entries and put them in an e-book. One I wanted put out an e-book and these post were there to be used. I thought it would be a more convenient way of reading instead of navigating the blog. The first one was Fridays on My Mind, which is a collection of 50 flash fiction stories.

I also converted my A to Z poetry challenge into an e-book that can be found here

A to Z Poems.

The poems are accessible from this blog anyway.

The e-books are free for Kindle Unlimited users.

My Amazon Author page can be accessed by this link.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Spinning a Web

Photo Prompt © Sandra Crook

The thing about the bug house was that it was meant to be an exclusive settlement for us Beneficial Insects.  Us critters ain’t fussy as long as we have got somewhere to bed down and lay our eggs.  That was before she applied for membership. 

Can’t discriminate, said the committee, plus she is a widow.

As if that made a difference, everyone has a sob story these days.  But the committee backed down as the cockroaches representing her threatened to expose our lack of diversity.

We all play a part in the food chain, such is the web she spins.  


Welcome to another episode of the Friday Fictioneers.  This week I am aiming for a light-hearted take on the prompt leaving aside the temptation to leave a few bodies behind.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018


There is that moment in time the sunlight fades and dusk approaches.  It’s when the colors dance on the horizon before darkness falls creating magical moments in twilight.

 As the oldest resident of the island she had watched countless sunsets long before tourism had transformed her sleepy fishing community into a busy hotspot forcing long term residents to leave.  

But not her, she would stay till the end with her two sons by her side.

From his house at the top of the hill, the old man mumbled, “Now where is she walking off all alone at this hour?”


So glad to be back for another episode of the Friday Fictioneers but sometime life gets in the way and for no reason you find that you are taking a black dog out for a walk,  I guess writing is a good excuse to put that beast back in chains.  I did convert my A to Z poetry challenge into an e-book that can be found here A to Z Poems.  It is free for Kindle Unlimited users, the poems are accessible from this blog anyway (, I just wanted an ebook format and chose the one I knew (note to self smashword allows users to put out free ebooks).
That is enough rambling for one entry, I hope you readers will read and comment.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Eighth Wonder

PHOTO PROMPT © Connie Gayer

Contrary to popular perception there were not seven dwarfs.

How would I know? I was there running a fairly successful neighbourhood store. Remember the house that Hansel and Gretel found? Well the wicked witch used to buy flour, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and baking powder from me.

Even the dwarfs got to eat but it doesn’t make a good story if we talk about the eighth -  Russ - who grew tomatoes and bartered them for goodies at my store.  He looked after the house before Snow White barged in. She just bossed him around and took all the credit.


Here we go again with another episode of Wednesday Friday Fictioneers this week.  And following in the footsteps of our fearless leader (a purple heart winner I hear) I shall choose to write about the forgotten eight dwarf - Russ.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Cleaning out the house I found knick knacks
Like those crystal vases you delighted to buy
Bringing each one out from under the wraps
And waiting to see if I would blink an eye

I held each one up and thought of you
Of words, emotions, love never expressed
Not outwardly while feelings inside me did brew
Bringing memories long dormant and suppressed

Your happiness was like watching a flower bloom
That you had bought them from shops I always knew
Saying nothing as the joy you got filled the room
I feel it now even after bidding you adieu


And on this week's episode of the Friday Fictioneers it's back to some more poetry.  

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I leave you with a song that I have been listening to a lot these days.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Old Boots

PHOTO PROMPT submitted by Courtney Wright. 

It’s sentiment that makes us cling to the past.  Those faded pants fraying at the bottom, threadbare clothes that should have been discarded by now.   Knickknacks collected over a long period of a life well lived.

So it was with his boots.  After being repaired countless times they were now falling apart.  So he wrapped them with silver tape to stop the elements from rushing in.

Sure he could have got gold boots to replace them.  But these were a reminder of how it all began.  When a clever cat convinced everyone that his master was the Marquis of Carabas.


I am back with the Friday Fictioneers this week having taken a little break after a month of writing poetry for the A to Z challenge.  I didn't get much feedback for the challenge but I still had fun.  

I have already tinkered with the story.  Initially I had no mention of the cat but have now put it in the last line so that people can relate it with 'Puss In Boots'.

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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Reflections on the A to Z Challenge

A thank you post says the mail
Put one up along with reflections
Must I really, I thinks, and wail
Do I now write some of my perceptions?

As a writer of flash this was a new direction
Stories and narration are my usual thing
I just hoped not to submit an imperfection
But that with the words some joy I'd bring

A challenge I thought to myself
From the letter A to the letter Z
Should I with poems fill my blog's shelf?
Can I do it or is the idea to too crazy?

It's true disappointments there are some
In lonely unread, uncommented posts
I had hoped that new readers would come
And not just a blog inhabited by ghosts

But all that disenchantment is temporary
Because I've had loads and loads of fun
To lovely kind people who visited and wrote
It's you who kept my hope afloat

So I am going to end with a few words
Thank you all and see you next year

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Monday, April 30, 2018

Zebra Brews a Pot of Tea

Designed by Freepik

Early morning I walked into the kitchen
And found a Zebra brewing a pot of tea
While checking out the news on the television
Would you like to have a cuppa too says he.

He offers it to me a cup inside a silver zarf
An ornamental metal cup holder if you didn’t know
What next, I wonder, breakfast cooked by a dwarf?
I act nonchalant hoping my confusion won’t show

I see brightly coloured ribbons flutter about his head
I notice now that he is wearing a zucchetto
A round skullcap that is coloured red
It doesn’t surprise me when he starts singing a libretto

You must be hungry too, here have a zeppole
The perfect time for a deep fried dough ball
I think as I dig in deep and have it whole
Surely I hallucinate I think leaning against the wall

In thoughtful contemplation I stroke my face
What’s this? A flowing drooping Zapata
A most magnificent moustache lies in place
This turn me into a persona non grata

Enough of this witchery I cry aloud
I will still live my life with zest
Then I hear the clap of a thundercloud

I find I am alone in the kitchen and at rest


On to  'Z' for 'Zebra Brews a Pot of Tea'.

Finally this is the end of the challenge as I reach the letter Z.  I have absolutely enjoyed doing this.  It is different from what I normally do, i.e. flash fiction, but was fun all the same.  Would have been nicer to have received some comment love and feedback, I would have done it just the same.

My A to Z entries can be navigated to from this page - A2Z, please do take some time out to read and comments on the poems.

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Yogic Art

Created by Freepik

I came across my flatmate and he was contorting
A jumbled mix of feet and arms all over the place
I whipped out my mobile and started recording
Following the modern reaction of the human race

It turns out that he was otherwise perfectly fine
Just a tiny misjudgement of the correct position
Though it did look like it was caused by wine
Nothing broken, everything was in good condition

He told it was all because of his wanderlust
He had spent the past year in an ashram
Mastering his body, learning to lunge and thrust
Controlling his breathing with Pranayam

Now he said I can do standing back bends
Stand perfectly still and do a one legged pose
I know enough asanas to teach my friends
I meditate to find respite from the world’s woes

When you found me sprawling on the ground
It was not any faulty technique on my part
It did look suspicious the way I was found
But I fell while posting to social media my yogic art


On to  'Y' for 'Yogic Art'.

My A to Z entries can be navigated to from this page - A2Z, please do take some time out to read and comments on the poems.

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