Friday, April 27, 2018

Tolerant Creature

Created by Sergey_kandakov -

I often have conversations with my dog
A talkative creature he is not silent like a log
Yes my canine companion speaks to me
It’s true I swear I am not barking up the wrong tree

To you, dear friends, a talking dog may sound
Wonderful but to have but an opinionated hound
Who only lectures you can be a bit frustrating
All chatter can even be, I daresay irritating.

So my dog turns to me the other day
And says, I feel we should get a cat to stay
With us in our house as we seem to lack
A creature to stop mice in their track.

I seem to recall from the last time I said
Shuddering as I recalled the past with dread
Did you not have a problem with the last cat?
Whose food you plundered and turned fat.

Fat! That sir is a heinous lie said the dog
I may be mildly plump but I am not a hog
I just happen to think cat food is really yum
The cheap stuff you give me I dislike every crumb.

If we got one, with it you would never socialise
You never get together, that is a truth I recognise
Will you get it to chase and bite postmen?
If it brings you a mouse, what happens then?

I expected that would have been the end
Of the argument with my faithful friend
But he replied taking my words as a bait
His need for the last word is always great

It’s a fallacy to think Cats wont accept dogs
Adapting to their culture is easy as rolling logs
If some tolerance to their value system I show
Why I am the most unprejudiced animal I know

My life was simple but now it's complex
But I really can’t recall what he said next
You fell fast asleep he did later lament

I said listening to pious homilies has that effect


Today it should T for Tardy but instead is 'T' for 'Tolerant Creatures'.  

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