Monday, September 09, 2013

Sax, Drums and Violins

It had been a while since my dog Nawab had been sitting in front of the music system, looking at it with his head cocked to one side.

“Are you planning to model for an updated poster of the old His Master's Voice campaign.  I believe the original painting was titled Dog looking at and listening to a Phonograph.  We can work around Dog looking at and listening to a CD Player  or even Dog looking at iPod.

I never knew music could create such havoc,” said Nawab, cocking his head towards the speakers.

Eh? The only havoc out here is when you howl at the moon.   Though strictly speaking I would not categorise that as music.”

“That's because you are a philistine who has absolutely no appreciation of art and culture,” replied the apparently cultured pooch.

“I resent that and totally reject your statement.  Why didn't you just hear me put on those YouTube videos?”

Which was true I had been listening to some very nice music.

“Um, how can I put it, beer ads don't necessarily qualify as music.  Anyway I was talking about the reactions to this music concert that's created such a controversy.”

Concert? What concert was the canine on about?  The last concert I went to involved four men wearing coloured skivvies and singing “hot potato, hot potato”.  And very catchy it was too, had me dancing in the aisles along with the other parents.  Then I remembered.

“Oh that concert.  Doesn't surprise me at all.  Knew that was bound to happen.”

 “Very cynical of you.  Didn't you think music would have bought people together.”

“I don't know Nawab, sometimes it is hard to drum up support for some causes,” I said.

“So you think a music concert can only lead to treble?”

“Well the problem with these concerts is that while you may think they’ll just take a minuet, the reality is that there can be some major setbacks.” 

This was now steadily looking to be one of those arguments where His Master's Voice was going to be ignored.

“What makes you think that a simple concert can make so much trouble that the organisers cannot Handel it?” asked Nawab. 

“You know,” I replied, unable to conceal my glee as I continued,  “it was inevitable because where Zubin goes can Violins be far behind?”

 “Well played sir.  That deserves a tail wag.  But personally speaking I am more into Sax myself.”