Wednesday, August 23, 2017


PHOTO PROMPT© Jan Wayne Fields


So that’s what the little sucker is called! I have been on the fairy wide web the past week looking for the varmint. 

OK I admit that I wouldn’t be in this predicament if my dad hadn’t tweeted to the king about his daughter’s ability to spin straw into gold. 

The little guy saved my shit.  But wanting my first born? That is seriously sick I tell you.  And then this whole thing about guessing his name, I don’t know, Sage Moonblood?

But I’ve found his Instagram account with photos #CampingOut, #RoyalChildIsMine, #GuessMyName

I know who you are.



Written for Friday Fictioneers Word Count : 100.

So I am back after a week's absence after struggling with motivation.  The only way to get around the writing blues is to write something serious like the true story above.   

I've also thrown my hat in the IB Awards run by Indiblogger.  The way this works is to get people to vote for you by either liking, tweeting or commenting on your entry page.  Unlike the Queen I am unable to pledge my first born (and the second born) but I will be very thankful for your votes and support.

For those who prefer the original can find it here.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Stand Like A Rock

I didn’t know it then but he was my rock.  I knew he had medal from the war that he never talked about.  He still painted in those days and our house was full of books on techniques, easels and brushes. 

Sometimes at night he would pick up a flute and we would be treated to music divine.  Much of my childhood was spent in visits to doctors and it was him who ferried me around, desperately seeking a cure.

So what is lesson of fatherhood then?  It is the strength to stand firm and unwavering.  Stand like a rock!


Written for Friday Fictioneers Word Count : 100.

Some musing this week.  A bit personal maybe but it was my father's birthday on the 12th of this month.  He would have been 89 this year. He was a great father and an extraordinarily talented man.

As a young cadet in the IMA

His painting
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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Wilted Lies

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The flowers were delivered early in the morning.  He still remembered my favourites I could see.  The beautiful orange sepals of the bird of paradise stood out drawing attention to their beauty.  The dazzling purple irises bringing back memories of happier times and there was a peace lily thrown in too. 

Then my eyes fell on the neatly stacked boxes lined up against the wall and interrupted the trip down the sentimental memory lane.

My lips flickered in a wry smile.  I wonder if he knew that the Strelitzia is considered to be a symbol of faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness.


Written for Friday Fictioneers Word Count : 100.

Initially I was lacking inspiration this week.  Floral intents and purposes it really felt nipped in the bud.  Sometimes a photo can put you in that orchid position.  But I've got one in now, not taking a leaf of absence

A picture with flowers deserves a song about flowers, with two of my favourite artists.

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