Saturday, December 01, 2012

Original Movie Plots

It is often said that Bollywood plots are simple: boy meets girl, villain keeps boy and girl apart, boy and girl overcome evil villain and live happily ever after. And at the drop of a hat (sometimes literally) they dance.
So maybe it's time to move away from these old formulas and have some new stories to tell. Maybe inject a new realism to the stories and have them adapted for our modern times.


 Twisting the Classic Love Story

Boy meets girl.
Boy falls in love with girl.
Boy starts romancing the girl.
Girl files harassment suit.
Boy in jail.


Friends for Life

Two friends play cops and robbers as kids, and while one grows up to be a honest and upright cop, the other also grows up to be a honest upright cop!



Rich Girl Poor Boy

A poor young man falls in love with a beautiful and very rich girl.
When they approach the wealthy, arrogant and powerful father he happily gets them married!



Revenge Is Mine

Consumed by revenge against the corrupt landlord, angry young man becomes a dacoit.
He soon finds that riding on a horse gives him saddle sores.
So he surrenders to the police and gets a job as a Police Van driver.



Separated at Birth

Twins separated in a crowded village fair grow up in separate towns, doing different jobs, marrying and having children, without ever meeting again!


The Cinderella Story

Young woman in village has dreams of a handsome prince, who rescues her from a life of poverty and drudgery in the village. Handsome prince comes to village and hires young woman as nanny for his young kids with a generous salary package and medical benefits.


Angry Young Man

The angry young man, whose mother, sister, brother and kids are killed by the big-time goon, decides to take revenge and reports this to the police who nab and punish the criminal!


The Love Triangle

Vijay and Rahul are friends. Vijay is in love with Kiran. But Kiran is in love with Rahul. Vijay and Rahul have a fight over Kiran but come to realise that she is not the one. With Kiran`s help Rahul and Vijay come out of the closet and move in together as lovers.