Monday, April 30, 2018


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I come seeking wisdom
A word from the wise
He says
Mouth opens wide
He grins
I wonder what advise
I can give?

If I knew then
What I know now
That the world can
Be cruel and unkind
It can chew you up and
Spit you out.

Would I have then
Done things differently?
Or would I have
Never changed a thing
Because in the midst
Of  anger and betrayal.

I have also felt
The kindness of strangers
Been enveloped by love
By family and friends
Helped by Samaritans
When I was down.

I now embrace
Sorrows and joy
All in equal measure
They have made me
What I am now

Older but much wiser


Getting wiser in this month ;-) so 'W' for 'Wisdom'.

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