Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Truth About Cats & Dogs

"Its time we got more cats in the house" said Nawab one day as I tried to read the newspaper in peace.
"Did you not have a major issue with the last cat we tried to keep?" I asked wondering where this was leading. A talking dog may sound like a wonderful thing to have but an opinionated hound who talks only to you can be frustrating, in fact I have often wondered if he was the real reason behind Ahmed's hurried migration to Canada.
"Well that’s not entirely true,” said Nawab "I think Cat food is really yum. I had my first taste of fish steak when I was 8 months old & have loved it since."
"But don't you dogs have a complex system of socialising. I mean in any gathering of pets the dogs & cats socialise separately."
"Well I particularly hate it, because I am made to feel 'left out'. All these dogs will talk about biting postmen and chasing car tyres & sometimes will revert to scratching themselves in mid-sentence, even when I am there".
"And you think that a cat will make the difference?"
"Well its better to socialise with Cats, who don’t have that kind of 'hang-ups'. In my personal experience, it’s a fallacy to think 'ordinary Cats wont accept you'. If you adapt to their culture & respect their value system, they are some of the most unprejudiced animals I know."
"Well I thought you wanted me to get another dog?"
"Do you think I am like you people who prefer to interact with their own kind & congregate in 'desi diasporas'...& project their prejudice on Americans & claim 'Americans are prejudiced!' In the particular diaspora of the kennel that I grew up in; all dogs regardless of breed, interacted with both sexes, socially. That’s why I am part Hound, part German Shepard, part... oh you know the rest. Its time for us dogs to reform ourselves and start interacting more with cats....."
Unfortunately I don't remember what Nawab said next as I was fast asleep. Pious lectures by holier-than-thou creatures have that effect on me.

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