Friday, June 17, 2005

A Reasonable Dog

You ought to be ashamed of yourself", said Nawab nibbling away at the bag of chips.

"ME? Now what have I done?" I asked, cursing the day this opinionated hound came into my care. That's right "hound" was what I had said and I am not going into it again, the whole story is somewhere out there on the net if you care to find it. In short Nawab my talking dog given to me by my Pakistani friend Ahmed now resident in Canada (the friend not the dog unfortunately).
"You shouldn't have got the cat. You know I am allergic to them".
"Ridiculous. You are only sulking since the cat started sleeping in your basket".
"Am not, I only want the cat to acknowledge that this is a dog's household. That cat has to learn that we live here by doggie rules. All it needs to do is respect my sentiments, why can't a cat be more like a dog?".
"Come on, you are being unreasonable. Its a nice cat, surely there is something about it that you like".
"Well some of that cat food is not bad and I do watch Garfield on TV. Why some of my best friends have been cats. Just let the cat know that I came to this house first, return my basket and all my toys. The cat can then stay if you like".
And upon that he promptly made for the fridge nudged open the door and started nosing around.
"So where is the cat going to sleep now?", I asked.
"Oh put it in the kennel outside, I said I am a reasonable dog", said he munching on the chicken as it started to pour outside.

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