Thursday, May 03, 2018

Reflections on the A to Z Challenge

A thank you post says the mail
Put one up along with reflections
Must I really, I thinks, and wail
Do I now write some of my perceptions?

As a writer of flash this was a new direction
Stories and narration are my usual thing
I just hoped not to submit an imperfection
But that with the words some joy I'd bring

A challenge I thought to myself
From the letter A to the letter Z
Should I with poems fill my blog's shelf?
Can I do it or is the idea to too crazy?

It's true disappointments there are some
In lonely unread, uncommented posts
I had hoped that new readers would come
And not just a blog inhabited by ghosts

But all that disenchantment is temporary
Because I've had loads and loads of fun
To lovely kind people who visited and wrote
It's you who kept my hope afloat

So I am going to end with a few words
Thank you all and see you next year

I'd love read what you think about this post...


  1. That's a lovely poem for a worthwhile challenge!
    Great that you successfully completed it! Congrats Subroto!
    Enjoying the journey is important. Glad you had fun.
    Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting :)

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting Anita. I hope you enjoyed your A to Z challenge too.

  2. When I first did the challenge, there were a lot of unloved posts. However, I found the more I commented on other posts the more they found me. The daily list links helped, too. Plus, this year my posts got a shoutout which I think was a boon - but way unexpected!
    So, sorry for not finding your blog before now, but the good news is I did!

    1. I did comment a lot, though I was falling behind in the daily link. Thanks for your comments Jen.