Saturday, May 08, 2010

I can't write

One day I thought I would pick up the jumbled words in my head and lay them down in an orderly fashion on a sheet of paper. Sentence after sentence would flow, lit up by the scattered sparks of words and show the way to myriad stories floating in my mind. I wrote a lot when I was young, mostly angst ridden words that tumbled out as I attempted to sort out the cobwebs of confusion in my mind. I tore up those books some years back, unwilling to leave behind an imprint of chaos. Each year I promise myself I will write but I don’t. First it was a job, then marriage and then kids, excuses are not all that hard to find if you make an effort. I think it’s because the stories are drying up. EXCUSE!! Maybe it’s not the stories, it’s me. I can’t write.


  1. Anonymous6:31 am

    Writing about not writing is writing. And you should see the number of pages of my journal that are filled with bemoaning crap. That doesn't mean that a nugget or two don't emerge once in a while. So, keep filling those pages. And if you need serious advice email me!

  2. Deepak2:23 am

    All I can say is you think you can't write but that may be an anomalous conclusion made due to a momentary lapse of reason at the moment of writing. In fact my considered impression on the basis of this short piece is that there is some cause to believe to the contrary.