Tuesday, April 03, 2018

A2Z Challenge

Really excited to participate in the A to Z challenge for the first time.  I will be updating this post each time I post.

A is for Apotheosis of Love
B is for Blade
C is for Comfort
D is for Dancing Lies
E is for Elvis Sings for Us
F is for Fine Feathers
G is for Guest House Blues
H is for Hazardous Life
I is for Inquiring Minds Want to Know
J is for Joy
K is for Know-It-All
L is for Languages of Love
M is for Murder
N is for New Love Cocktail
O is for Open Season
P is for Pertichor
R is for Revenge
S is for Silence
T is for Tolerant Creature
U is for Unrequited
V is for Vacant
W is for Wisdom
Y is for Yogic Art
Z is for Zebra Brews a Pot of Tea
I'd love read what you think about this post...

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